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Knowing the Batik Air call center will make it easier for you to get different information regarding air travel. Of course, it’s about flights using Batik Air planes. A person sometimes travels by air either in the context of business activities, business services or even travel.

Before discussing more about one of these airlines’ call center, it’s good to know the Batik Air profile at a glance. Patek Air is one of the airlines or private aviation services that serve various local to foreign routes. The airline was first founded and operated in 2013.

Lion Air uses Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The flight paths served include major cities such as Surabaya, Bangarmasin, Makassar, Manado, Balangkaraya, etc. In addition to the large city area, there are also many  other destinations, from Aceh to Mirauk.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to travel abroad, the private airline also serves many foreign routes. Among other things, Malaysia, Singapore and India, to Australia. The Batik Air is equipped with typical Nusantara batik decorations that are usually located on the tail. This is an attraction for the airline.

How to contact Patek Air Call Center

The private airline  provides a call center for its customers to access a variety of important information related to aviation services. For example, inquire about ways to travel, book, book, cancel flights or other assistance. Of course, this is very easy for consumers using these airline services.

The phone number available to customers of this airline to speak to customer service is 021-633 8345. It can also be faxed on 021-633 5669. If you want to make a phone call, of course, it requires special costs. However, customers can also contact the service center for free by email at address.

By calling batik Air’s call centre  number, you can get help as needed. There is no need to hesitate to call because it is provided to users of this private airline. You can also access branch information or representatives of this airline by contacting the call center or to patek’s official website.

In addition to serving local consumers, there is also a  call centre for foreign countries. Customers from Australia or New Zealand (New Zealand) can call +61 8 9442 6024. As for fax, i.e. (+6221) 8000 6379 (shunt: 3). It can also be emailed via

How to book Patek Airline tickets

To make a reservation also known as Batik Air ticket booking, you can access the official website, which is There is a data entry list if you want to book. The information to be provided includes the type of flight whether it was oncea ja lan or round trip. Thenyou must enter the departure site as well as the destination.

Don’t forget to enter the departure date according to the planned itinerary. Make sure it is entered correctly so there is no error in the booking. Then select how many tickets you want to book. Then check whether the itinerary you want is available as scheduled. If you find it difficult, you can contact the Patek Air call center.

Sometimes there are things that make you forced to change your flight schedule. For example, delay work or even cancel flights. If you want to make booking arrangements, you can do so through the website. To access these services, they must enter booking data. This list is useful when there is a change in the departure schedule for certain reasons.

Customers residing or in the Jaboditap area can make group bookings. You can do this by calling 099 615 08111 or 08111 615 100. It can also be via email or email with address.  This facility provides more comfort so that it can increase customer satisfaction.

Not only through Batik Air Call Center services  , you can also book airline tickets through travel or travel apps. Generally they offer a wide range of airlines including Patek Air. There’s nothing wrong with using the app if you want to travel with your own airline.

Business Class Service in Patek

Flying using business class is the dream of a lot of people. How not, in this chapter you can get a lot of comfort in flight. Starting with the check-in process at a private counter set up for priority travellers. During this process, passengers are accompanied by a special ambassador who will report all important issues.

Before boarding, passengers sometimes have to wait several hours. Especially if you don’t want to miss your trip. Being in the waiting room will certainly be tiring. However, this does not apply if you choose Batik Air Business Class. There is a comfortable lounge for passengers of that class before your long flight in the air.

In business class, travelers with lots of luggage can stay calm. Planning a holiday for a few days and even weeks makes you bring lots of clothes and other necessities automatically. Well, you can take advantage of free luggage weighing up to 30 kg. Feel free to contact the Patek Air call centre to confirm this service.

The most important thing when travelling for hours is the sitting room nicknamed the passenger seat. Business Class Patek offers a 45-inch seat for its passengers. This will keep you comfortable even if you have to be in the air for hours.

Delicious cooking dishes certainly make your trip feel more enjoyable. Entertainment items such as music, movies and games are also set up for business class passengers. This is so that all users of this flight service can enjoy the flight without getting bored.

Batik Air Economy Class Service

Economy class passenger facilities are usually slightly lower than business class. This is very reasonable given that the cost of paying for it is smaller. However, you don’t have to worry because you can still enjoy the trip comfortably. Contact the Patek Air Call Center for assistance and detailed information.

Economy class travellers still receive free baggage weight of up to 20 kg. You can definitely take advantage of this facility to accommodate luggage. The seats are completely free of charge with 32 inches. Therefore, you still feel comfortable up to the destination airport.

While enjoying the trip, don’t miss the various entertainment provided to passengers. Among other things, movies and music, as well as games. The entertainment side on board will make your flight not boring. There’s also a USB socket you can use to charge electronic items.

Air travel has become increasingly familiar to the public because it is safe and effective and can save time and effort. Patek Air as one of the leading private airlines always serves passengers optimally. One way is to provide batik Air call center as a way to help passengers.

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