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Permata Bank’s call center is useful because it’s a form of support for customers when experiencing different difficulties. Whether it’s when dealing with debit card use to credit, as well as many other obstacles. If you belong to this group of private bank customers, it’s worth listening to the following reviews related to call centers.

Before you go deeper into how to contact the call center, there’s nothing wrong with knowing about Permata Bank. It is a private company engaged in public financial or banking services. Before it was named Permata, this bank was the result of a merger or combination of 5 other banks.

Currently, the financial company has served more than 3 million users also known as customers out of a total of 62 provinces in Indonesia. At the same time, the branch offices themselves have reached more than 300 locations, whether traditional or legitimate banks. The large number of customers certainly requires a qualified quality Permata Bank call centre.

At the same time, banking financial products accessible by private banking users include savings, term deposits, credit cards, mutual fund investments, mortgages, commercial capital, unsecured loans and many more. Well, now it’s time to talk about the call center in more detail.

How to contact the Permata Bank Call Centre

As a customer, there is a possibility that you will face obstacles in dealing, whether it’s when using debit or credit cards. Additionally, there are also many customers who need information about loans, mortgages, investment opportunities and various other products. Then the availability of a call center also known as call center is a must for companies.

Permata Bank provides many telephone lines to its customers to communicate with customer service quickly and easily. For customers classified as retail and legitimate groups, please call 1500-111. In addition to calls via these numbers, complaints or complaints can be emailed

At the same time, customers who come from SMEs, SMEs and wholesale groups, also known as large-scale customers, can contact the Permata Bank Call Centre at 1500-399.

A credit rate is charged to the call center service depending on the type of cellular service provider you use. Although it requires a special tariff, it will get an answer or response from the customer service officer quickly. But if you don’t want any cost, you can choose to use email. However, it certainly takes some time to receive the answer to the complaint.

Learn about PermataTel and voice identity

PermataTel is a permatabank call center that serves all its customers. It is essential for all important information answering devices called interactive voice response that are abbreviated as IVR. You can access it by making a call at 1500-111. The call can be made from a fixed or cellular line.

The phone line can be accessed for 24 hours in one week. This means that you are free to make these calls at any time to get different types of information and assistance. Users of Permata Bank’s products or services can obtain information regarding customer account banking transactions.

In addition, it is also possible to  make payment transactions to pay various bills such as credit cards, installments, phones, cellular credit, etc. Of course, each customer can also file a complaint regarding the problem at hand. For example, credit or debit cards are lost or even stolen.

Not only is permataTel’s bank call center called PermataTel, you also need to know what voice identity is. This scan is performed so that the process of verifying customer data is faster and more practical but still secure. This voice ID can be accessed if you have registrasi via PermataTel 1500-111.

During the registration process, the employee will ask many questions to be answered. The answer is then recorded and will be used as an authentication step. Thanks to the biometrics technology of acoustic identity, the machine will identify and detect the customer’s voice. In this way, data verification can be completed quickly and easily.

Benefits of using PermataTel

The advantages customers can feel in using permatatel are:

  1. Easy access

Using PermataTel is very easy, just call 1500-111 over the fixed line or cell phone. This service is available 24 hours a day without stopping. This means you can access it anytime, anywhere. Of course, this is a meaningful help for Permata Bank customers in urgent times.

  1. No need to wait.

Making calls to the call center sometimes causes you to wait in line and you can’t call customer service. But that doesn’t need to be found because PermataTel’s call centre , PermataTel, doesn’t make you wait too long in line. That way, all problems can be solved immediately without wasting too much time.

  1. Practical and safe

Biometric voice identity technology provides its own benefits to users of the Permata Bank service. With this technology, you can connect to PermataTel practically and conveniently. This service allows customers to securely obtain information and file complaints with voice authentication. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to use the feature.

  1. A lot of easy transactions and information

Through PermataTel, you can get comfortable in any transaction. For example, pay bills, installments and increase credit to transfer money. Also do not forget many full information including the amount of balances and account transactions, foreign exchange rates, credit card deposit products, and the location of branch offices.

Learn about Permata MobileX for millennials

As well as permata bank call center , you also need to know permata MobileX. This is a tangible demonstration of significant advances in digital technology that aims to make it easier for customers to access banking products and services. Especially in the digital age like today, the app’s presence is certainly welcome by customers.

In permata MobileX, there are hundreds of features to make transactions easier to verify your account. You can check the money boom even in the last 12 months. Check the money boom not only for deposit accounts. But it also applies to credit cards, mortgages and others.

Another feature that can be used in this appis investment management. You don’t have to contact permata Bank’s contact  center  , through Permata MobileX, you can buy or sell mutual fund units. Of course, this is an easy and practical way to invest to set up future funds.

There are still many of the most interesting features such as applying for a loan easily and practically, adding a credit card limit, transferring funds, and paying using QR codes, to purchase a variety of banking products through permataStore. Security when you sign in to your account is also guaranteed thanks to fingerprint and facial ID features.

Along with the development of technology, bank customers are now increasingly being given different amenities in transactions and access to banking products. You can use it as a practical step and you don’t have to bother going to the branch office. By contacting  the Permata Bank Call Center and the Permata Mobile X app, everything can be done quickly.