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As a customer, a 24-hour Bank Mega call center  will be very useful to you when you need help when you face some obstacles.

To show the best service to its customers, of course, Bank Mega will provide easy facilities, one through a call center also known as the call center. These facilities are generally owned by each company to facilitate access to information about the services and products provided by each of its customers.

Similarly with the 24-hour Bank Mega call center that you can use as an effective and efficient helping tool. With the help center, you don’t need to bother coming to the branch office or center. Because this definitely requires its own energy, time and costs.

In addition to being less effective, visiting a branch office certainly hinders you from completing many other functions. The bank provides call center services as well as special applications as well as virtual chatbot assistants. The three are very useful for helping customers who want access toinformationand even solving issues related to debit cards, credit and other banking services.

Easy ways to connect to Mega Call

Mega Bank’s call centre can be accessed 24 hours a day by phone. The number you can call is 08041500010 by landline or mobile phone. Bank telephone banking is also known as Mega Call. In addition to local customers, the Public Financial Services Company also provides a call center for overseas customers.

For customers far from Indonesia, the phone number to access is +62 21-29601600. Therefore, if you are abroad, whether it is during study, work or travel, you don’t have to have a problem if you want to contact a customer service employee.

Mega Bank’s call centre is available to you 24 hours a day when you’re abroad and local. You can transfer needs or complaints about various services. Such as activating ATMs and credit cards, credit card PIN information, credit card blocking, and various other items.

There’s also another phone number, 021-7917-5000. Different from Mega Call, that’s a phone number for hunting. That is, the number is connected to several lines. So if you call the number, connect you to a phone line that is not busy receiving calls from other customers.

MILA, Chatbot Layanan Digital Customer Service

In addition to the 24-hour Mega Bank call center , this financial services company has also launched a virtual assistant for its customers. Called the Virtual Assistant MILA, which stands for the massive smart assistant. Digital customer service has been launched by this bank since 2020.

MILA is an artificial intelligence that uses chat technology. The launch of the MILA chatbot is for all Bank Mega customers who can facilitate access to different product information from the bank. Don’t miss out on this chat-based service.

There is a lot of general information and it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. For example, information about the latest promotions, foreign exchange rates, credit cards, credit card application, savings, to the nearest ATM site as well as branch offices. The launch of this virtual chatbot certainly brings the company closer to customers.

To access Mila’s default assistant, use chat through the WhatsApp app. You can do this by calling 0822 0822 5000. Then enter any message like hello or hello. The MILA chatbot will respond by offering a number of menu options that you can select. This service complements the 24-hour Mega Bank Call Centre.

Advantages of using MILA Chatbot services

There are different types of benefits obtained from using this service, including:

  1. Latest promotional information

Mega Smart Assistant aka MILA provides information about various interesting promotions. Promo is one of the facilities that certain benefits certain customers or customers certainly offer. By contacting MILA, you won’t miss the latest promotional information from Bank Mega. The trick is simply to call 0822 0822 5000 via WhatsApp.

  1. Foreign exchange rates

Customers interested in storing foreign currencies such as US dollars or sterling can find out the latest exchange rate news by accessing MILA. If you know the foreign exchange rate, you can decide when to buy, sell or exchange foreign currencies appropriately.

  1. Credit card products

Credit cards are one of mega bank’s various superior products for its customers. Through MILA, you can find out general information about available credit card options. So you can select the most suitable credit card for use as needed. If there are any credit card issues, contact the Bank Mega call center 24 hours a day.

  1. ATM and branch office locations

Are you afraid to run out of money when traveling? Don’t worry because with this default assistant, you can check the location of the nearest ATM. In addition to the ATM location, this virtual chatbot can also tell you where mega bank branch offices are in your city. In addition to WhatsApp, MILA is also available on the bank’s official website.

Meet M-Smile, an app for millennial customers

Millennials can certainly not be separated from smartphones thatare always trackedin every activity. M-Smile is a special app for big bank customers wherever they are.

Through this app, customers can check the various services of the private banking company. For example, savings or savings products, credit cards, debit cards, and electronic money, to withdraw money without using an ATM card. Basically, the M-Smile app is a form of service for consumers other than the 24-hour Bank Mega call center.

You can access this app by downloading it through the Play Store or App Store. Having M-Smile makes it easier for Mega Bank customers to deal online anywhere, anytime. Therefore, do not waste this app.

Advantages of using the M-Smile app

Different types of features this app offers users, including:

  1. Cash withdrawals can be made without an ATM card

As well as a 24-hour Bank Mega call center, M-Smile  is also  available  which allows users to withdraw cash even without an ATM card. So, you don’t have to worry when you miss your wallet. This app can also be used for transactions in your favorite merchants with the QRIS logo via the QRIS code.

  1. There’s a voice command service.

Making transactions using voice commands makes it easier for users. In this app, you can also fill out your digital wallet, pay monthly bills and fill out your balance for your smartphone. You don’t have a Mega Bank account yet? Take it easy, you can open it with the M-Smile app as well.

As a private banking company, Mega Bank is always committed to providing maximum service to all its customers. A good service factor will certainly make customers feel satisfied and not disturbed by the use of their products. MILA and the M-Smile app complement the 24-hour Bank Mega call center.