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There is no denying that bank Mega’s call center credit card is needed by the public, especially the customers of these private banks. Credit cards are the kind of product from banking companies commonly used by people in modern times. Thanks to these products, everyone can handle virtually cashlessly and safely.

The use of credit cards is very diverse, ranging from shopping, travel, cargo premiums, online transactions and much more. The demand for the use of this object is also increasing by different groups because it provides many amenities. In addition to non-cash transactions, credit cards also allow you to record expenses easily and clearly.

But when you use this type of card, there is a possibility that you will face problems. For example, lose or forget your PIN or even just activate. Along with the evolution of the times and technology, now there is no need to feel excessively anxious when facing problems like the above.

Because you can contact the bank’s huge credit card call center if you want to overcome the various obstacles or problems that exist.

How to find out about the bank’s huge credit card information

There are different ways to learn aboutMega Bank credit cards, including:

  1. Mega Bank’s official website

You can get information about this product from the official website page of the Public Financial Services Company. You can do this by visiting the site  through your smartphone or computer browser. The site not only provides information about credit cards, but also provides other banking services such as credit, savings, investments, etc.

On the website, you can also file a complaint online. There is a special complaint form for customers who have problems with their credit cards. You just need to fill out the form and then send it. The bank then provides information either in writing or or verbally.

  1. Call Center

Bank Mega’s mega credit card call center is a quick alternative solution when faced with some obstacles. By calling the call center at 08041500010, you can call a huge officer or employee. Then pass your needs or problems on to your customer service officer. Officers are ready to help you activate, dial a PIN or otherwise.

  1. Default MILA Assistant

MILA aka Mega Intelligent Assistant is a dedicated digital customer service for all its customers. Customers can find information about credit cards and other products through MILA. The trick is to send a chat to WhatsApp 0822 0822 5000. Only with your smartphone and internet connection, you can access different types of information needed.

Benefits of a huge credit card call center from the bank

The benefits obtained from contacting the Mega Bank Call Center are as follows:

  1. embargo

No one’s happy to lose or even steal. But this can happen to anyone, including you. If you lose your credit card or steal, contact Mega Call immediately on 08041500010. You can also visit the nearest branch in your area.

  1. Rebooking or reissue

Each customer can reissue or re-order both credit and debit cards. The trick is to make a call to the bank’s help center to the 08041500010 number or meet with the branch office service officer. For reissue, you must also complete documents such as a letter of loss from the police, a copy of your identity, and a special form.

  1. Data changes

Sometimes credit card holders want to make data changes. Cardholders can request changes to data through mega bank’s credit card call center  channel  on 08041500010 anywhere and visit branches in your area. If you don’t know the location of the nearest branch office, use the default chat assistant MILA via WhatsApp 0822 0822 5000.

  1. Face transaction failure

Have you ever experienced a transaction failure when using a Mega Bank credit card? Transfer this to mega call customer service officer 08041500010. Officers will volunteer to help with your complaint in a friendly manner. If you want to meet face-to-face, visit the branch in your area.

How to use the credit card app

To apply for a credit card at a public financial services company, you can also use the Internet, aka the Internet. Please visit the official website There is an existing option that would provide a guide to applying this type of product.  

On the official website, you will be asked to complete some customer-related data or information such as personal identity, profession, delivery address, invoices, etc. Also don’t forget  to set up the required files or documents.

After all operations are completed, the bank analyst will then conduct a presentation analysis. If approved, the credit card will be sent to the delivery address as mentioned in the application form. Also don’t forget to  activate your phone number because the analyst can contact you at any time.

Not only online, the app can also be offline or directly to customer service at the nearest branch. The trick is to visit branches throughout your area and bring documents to the community. To find out the requirements in detail, please contact the Mega Bank Credit Card Call Centre, which has a number 08041500010.

Types of huge bank credit cards

There are different types of cards that Mega Bank uses as credit cards, including:

  1. Huge travel card

This product is perfect for those of you who love to travel. Bulky travel cards offer points replacement from transactions with a number of attractive facilities for travellers. Among other things, airline tickets, hotel stays, tour packages, and many other travel facilities. If you want to use this type, your income is at least 10,000,000.

  1. Golden Mega Visa

This product is dedicated to those of you who love shopping at some of the most preferred traders. With Mega Visa Gold, you’ll get discounts at many selected stores as well as hotel accommodation. To access this product, the minimum income must be 3,000,000. Detailed information can be found through the Mega Bank Credit Card Call Center Administrator.

  1. Mega Metro Card

This personal credit card check is the right choice for fashion lovers. If you are one of them, consider the Metro Mega Card. With this service, you canget attractive discounts from the Metro Department Store to the Trans-Luxury Hotel.

  1. Mega Visa Platinum

This card allows its users to deal in cash while traveling, shopping or even enjoying fine dining. There are attractive discounts and programs offered if you use Mega Visa Platinum. To reach it, the minimum income requirement is 5,000,000.

The use of credit cards in the community is increasing. Besides being safer because transactions are non-cash, you can also control expenses while registering practically. If there are things you feel are causing you problems, contact the Bank Mega credit card call center immediately.